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Welcome to Le Divin Divin – the home of discerning connoisseurs of exceptional divins.

We are the exclusive and official distributors of Calarasi Divin in Portugal. Calarasi Divin is the largest producer of divin in the Republic of Moldova, with a rich history dating back to 1896. Over more than a century, Calarasi Divin has built an unparalleled reputation for excellence and tradition in divin manufacturing.

Le Divin Divin is delighted to offer a meticulously curated selection of the finest products from Calarasi Divin. Our offering includes various exclusive collections of divins, each with unique and impressive characteristics.


  • 1896 The winery is founded in Calarasi by David Sarajishvili – aristocrat, entrepreneur and winemaker originated from Georgia, founder of several wine distilleries all across the Russian Empire. Sarajishvili was the first to start producing brandy at his enterprises in the Russian Empire. For achievements in the production of alcoholic beverages, Sarajishvili received from Tzar Nicolai II the title of “Advisor for Commerce”, and his company received the title of “Supplier of His Imperial Majesty’s Court“
  • 1898 Five installations for wine distillation were installed. Already more than 30 people worked at Calarasi winery.
  • 1899 The first distillation is made at Calarasi Winery. More than 36,000 liters of wine distillate were sent to Tbilisi to the main Sarajishvili’s brandy production site. The enterprises of Sarajishvili occupied an almost monopoly position of brandy production in the Russian Empire. More than 600 thousand bottles were produced in 1910.
  • July 1911 After David Sarajishvili death, the management of the company were undertaken by his wife Ekaterina. Due to prohibition introduced in the Russian Empire in 1914 during WWI, Ekaterina Sarajishvili was forced to abandon the production site in Calarasi in 1915.
  • June 15, 1945 A new era of the Calarasi winery begins. Calarasi is declared as state property and renamed in Calarasi wine and cognac factory.
  • 1988 – Due to the best climatic conditions for wine growing and the best facilities for brandy production, Calarasi factory became one of the main producer of wine distillates in USSR distributing them for bottling to other facilities in Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and others.


  • Today Calarasi Divin is the largest brandy producer in the Republic of Moldova with more than 125 years of history.
  • Located in the central region of the country named Codru with unique climatic and soil conditions favorable for grapes growing best for the production of brandy.
  • Calarasi Divin factory has 600 hectares of vineyards with large selection of grapes varieties​​both European and local.
  • The cellars store about 100 thousand decaliters of wine distillates.
  • The wide range of Calarasi Divin includes more than 25 different brandy – from 3 to 50 years old, but also wine brandy and rachiu de vin (eau-de-vie) as well
  • Since 2008, Calarasi Divin has been certified in the ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Classic recipes and century-old traditions supported by modern equipment and technologies inspire Calarasi Divin craftsmen to create one-of-a-kind brandy that successfully compete with some of the world famous cognacs.
  • The quality of Calarasi Divin has been highly appreciated at various national and international competitions and tastings, having received more than 50 awards.