Elite 30 Years Old


  • Calarasi Divin has in its truly great collection of elite brandy from very best reserves that have been aged more than 30 years in very old casks from French, Caucasian and Carpathian oak.
  • These outstanding brandy could be referred as ambrosia, a divine drink, that offers excellence in every bottle for admirers and connoisseurs with wide range of amber and topaz colors, well pronounced intricate bouquet and an unrepeatable soft and oily taste of a rare delicacy.
  • The rich oak bouquet is dominated by vanilla and buttery notes and is completed with the powerful variety of aromas of flowers, candied fruits, nuts, rye bread, truffles, spices, and honey that gives unique complexity.
  • On the palate, powerful diverse array of sublime and warm savors of candied orange, dark chocolate, sponge cake, gingerbread, an elegant and lasting finish brings subtle notes of roasted coffee, leather and cigar.
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